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My Name is Nick Santonastasso, And this is My Story.

Nick Santonastasso is a medical miracle. Not only is he one of four people alive with the rare genetic condition, Hanhart Syndrome, the inspirational keynote speaker is an internationally known bodybuilder and fitness model – despite missing both his legs and one arm since birth. The high-energy youth shares his amazing story, showing people that anyone can thrive if they have the determination and willpower to go after what they want. When Nick was born, the doctors handed his parents a long list of things that he would never be able to do.” Nick’s parents politely thanked them and threw the list out. They raised Nick the same way they had raised his three able-bodied older siblings and instilled in him never to let the world tell him what he could or couldn’t do.


Think about this one for a second…. @nicksanto534 was born with one arm and no legs. In his mind, there’s nothing he can’t do… and he’s right. He’s right because he does everything he sets his mind to. Competed as an amateur wrestler, motivational speaker, trains like a beast and today (Sat 9/23) he competes in his first bodybuilding contest.
We chatted after my workout about the power of choice. He said, I could’ve been pissed at the world for being born like this, but instead I choose to live life to the fullest, be happy and crush everything I put my mind to and hopefully, I can inspire people to do the same.
Yes sir.
Life deals us cards on a daily basis, but we always get to decide how we’re gonna play ’em.
Keep crushing life my man and inspiring all those around you.
And thank you for helping frame my perspective on life just a little bit more.

The Rock
"I don’t know if we’ve had anyone sitting there in that kind of posture at your age bro that is maxing out life at the pace that you are... I am so proud of you..."
Ed Mylett
“It’s impossible to hear Nick Santonastasso speak and not be inspired by the determination and excellence he approaches life with.”
Rachel Hollis


Inspirational keynote speaker Nick Santonastasso challenges you to change the perspective on your life story by sharing a bit of his own.

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